Week 4: Love

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We love many things. Maybe you love your car, or Mexican food. Or you love your dog, or your spouse and kids. These are all different types of love. The Ancient Greek has at least eight different words for love. However, in the English language, we seem to use the word “love” for a lot of things.

Sometimes this can be sad because it takes away from understanding the type of love God has for us. This is called agape love. This was the highest type of love out of all the Greek words. It’s selfless, it’s unconditional. Agape love is the same love that God communicates to us through John 3:16.

For God so loved (agape) the world that He sent His one and only Son, whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

Wow- how awesome to reflect on that right now at Christmas. God the father sent Jesus because of this unfiltered, unconditional, and unchanging love in hope that we would believe and accept what Jesus did for us.

This is the week we celebrate. Two thousand years ago, Love came down to earth from heaven, and took the form of us. He came to the earth in fully natural ways, was born in a lowly place, and lived the perfect life to serve as the perfect offering for our sins. 

Today choose to reflect on the unconditional love that God has for you despite all of your flaws and imperfections. He still looks at you as His perfection.

Think about how you can share that love with friends and family this week. 

Check out this song below and reflect on Christ's love: