Junior Bible Quiz

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) is a fun and challenging way to learn bible verses and facts. Studies show that children that attend JBQ for three or more years have a 90% chance of staying dedicated to the Christian Faith. JBQ is a team and individual competition that helps to feed your child’s competitive spirit while learning the Word.

We meet regularly on Sunday mornings during the 10:20 am service in the Student Center. Outside study is not only recommended but a requirement as part of your child’s commitment. Once a month family commitment is required during competition season to not only attend but to volunteer during matches.

Children starting from grades 1st through 6th are welcome to join. They will also have the ability to earn prizes on Sundays during their practice time.

What Will My Child Learn?

There will be memorization of bible verses, factual information such as leaders during biblical times, roles people played, numerical facts of and about the bible and the Christians beliefs in the bible.

How long does my child need to devote to studying during the week?
We recommend at least 15-30 minutes five days a week.

Will my child need any assistance?
The younger the child, the more assistance with studying they will need. For example if they cannot read well.

Do I need to assist during practice on Sundays?

Volunteers are welcome but not required.

Will I need to be a volunteer during competitions?

We always need volunteers during competitions, but there may be on occasion an over abundance of volunteers.

Is there a financial commitment to be in JBQ?

Yes, we ask for a $30 due payment once a year that covers supplies and district fees. Any donations that would like to be made can be made to Freedom Life JBQ.

Are there any fundraisers?

Yes, we will be doing several fundraisers throughout the year. More details to come.

Will my child be recognized for their work?
Your child has the ability to earn ribbons, trophies, medals, and seals throughout the JBQ season.