Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Do I Take My Child?

All our services happen in the Student Center. On Sundays, come right in the front doors of the building. The Children’s wing is immediately to the left.

It’s our first time, should we arrive early?

If it is your first time, we recommend you arrive at least ten minutes before services start so we can get all your information in our check in systems.

What are your kids services like?

Your child will love our services! We operate as a small and large group format Children’s ministry. This is great because your children will have the chance for personal small group growth, as well as the excitement of large group fun! Our services start out with small groups. Your child will be placed in a small group with 3-5 other students in their same age group. There they will discuss the biblical principle being discussed in the service for the day. Exciting videos will be viewed that take the child further into the topic. After which, students go to the gym for the large group time. Exciting praise and worship complete with cutting edge audio and visual systems will take your child deeper into the worship experience. Teaching, prayer, prizes, and giveaways will also happen at this time.

Is my child safe?

 When you check in, you will be given a unique parent pick up tag. The number on your tag matches your child’s pick up number. They will not be able to leave unless the person picking them up has the pick up tag.

·         All our volunteers have undergone regular background checks.

·         All children are under supervision at all times of the services.

·         Security personnel are present at all services.